Friday, November 16, 2007


Everyday I become the opposite of me
a tourist from the shadows of

la memoria

more here are my words using your words
french kissing each sílaba
tongues diving in a river of saliva
easily sliding without breaks
like we’ve become


but forgetting
cómo se dice el pasado in english
the past is abracadabra gone
the present weights a new world
have to face that I won’t be back soon
or never ever be an island being
in the never-nunca-land of reality

how do you say patria en inglés

I’ve become the conquistador
conquered by the step to the right
step to the left vuelta spin
do the hustle


It’s this vida?

Acknowledging that along with the sacrificios
I sacrificied mi pellejo and crack my neck
in the name of the sign of the dollar
the power and the sacred spirit of my paycheck

I’m afraid to open like a love letter
mi espíritu collapses at the end of the rope
burnt ashes forgotten in an ashtray
the wind blows what’s left to the ground.

By Johanny Vázquez Paz