Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Slang" a lo boricua en Wikipedia

Me he encontrado en Wikipedia con una magnífica lista de "slang" o frases típicas puertorriqueñas y no he parado de reírme de las ocurrencias del argot callejero. Entre mis favoritas están:

- ¡A las millas de chaflán! - "Driving fast", "speeding past someone", "walking fast", or "at the speed of the chamfer." Used as a criticism, such as "There he goes, driving that car with hellish speed!. Chaflán means "chamfer", as in chamfer street corners like streets in Barcelona, Spain and Ponce, Puerto Rico. Because you don't have to slow down as much going through a chamfered street corner as you would if it is a square corner.

¡Chúpate esa en lo que te raspan (o mondan) la otra!- Suck on that one while they make the other one."How do you like them (those) apples".Comes from "Piragua" snow cones. Is used when someone is being disciplined (usually your sibling)..."o te mondan la otra" referring to peeling an orange...

- Esmonguillao - Contraction of esmonguillado... 'from mongo, flabby. "Somebody who is in a very weak condition or something that is way softer that usual. i.e. Ese chamaco está esmonguillao, Estas galletas estan esmonguill'ás.

- Como la gatita de Dorita, si se lo sacan llora y si se lo meten grita
- A humorous phrase used to describe someone who's never satisfied. It literally translates as "Like Dora's kitty, if you take it out she cries and if you put in she screams." Equates to "dammed if you do, dammed if you don't"

- Tráfala
- Adjective Similar to cafre. It describes a person that was not well brought up, has very bad manners, dresses really bad or is considered "trashy". The English equivalent term would be "Riff-raff", "ghetto" person

Si quieren leer más frases puertorriqueñas opriman aquí.

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