Saturday, January 31, 2009


Since they don’t let us have a revolution,
since communism went out of style
and they keep us informed every day
of Fidel’s mistakes.

Since there are no longer wars for noble causes
and they have forgotten about defending the rights
of the poor, women and children.

Since they devoted themselves to stealing crumbs
to fatten bank accounts in Switzerland,
and they gave orders to kill a friend, an enemy,
a neighbor or relative,
for little reason and much egoism.

Since people don’t have control of anything
because it’s easy to falsify ballots,
let's close the door and jump in bed
like friendly enemies.

Many battles have been won in bed
with very little blood spilled,
and the equality of the sexes has been declare
and, in most studied cases, the superiority of women...

and I will be Bolívar
and you América completely surrendered to me,
and you will be Che
and I Bolivia’s jungle healing your wounds,
and I will be Lolita Lebrón
and you Albizu hand in hand for the same cause,
and you will be Pancho Villa
and I Zapata north and south with no divisions,
and I will be Sandino
and you Allende without a world power that could silence us.

Since they don’t let us dream with Utopia,
bury your sword in me that I will yell for the two of us:

by JVP

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